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Finding cheap insurance for young drivers and 17 year olds on first cars is hard. As if it wasn’t hard enough finding the best first car that’s practical, reliable, economical, cheap, etc. etc. etc. Quotes seem illogical as a result of insurers considering first time drivers some of the riskiest on the roads.

To overcome this, I spent some time trying all the filters and factors on comparison sites to understand EXACTLY how they affect the quotes. When I say all the filters, I mean EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. From this, I was able to maximise your efficiency when getting quotes on cars, and minimise the amount of money you spend per year – cheap insurance ahoy!

I tested this out on numerous cars and the logic remained the same for all of them; I was able to decrease quotes significantly for young drivers. I could even get pretty cheap car insurance in London, a place where young drivers often have to give up all hope and take the tube!

Of course, you can probably decrease your quotes even further just by taking the quote you receive and speaking to the insurers over the phone; in fact, I would urge you to do this. I think insurance is a complete joke for young drivers, and they absolutely ruin us for our money, so it’s time to get those quotes as low as we physically can.

I think the key win here is that insurance without a black box came down too, in many cases below the average people are paying for black box insurance!

Remember that location is one of the biggest factors in your insurance quotes, so if you’re getting hugely different quotes from me, it’s probably down to where you live. That’s why I tried getting quotes in cheap, average and expensive areas to work out how the prices differ, and I was able to find savings for all of them!

Hopefully with the savings you make from this research you can be that step closer to owning the first car of your dreams, and be on the road in no time!

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